MK44(S) 30mm Naval Cannon fitted to MSI Seahawk mount with integral 50 caliber gun Full Scale

Ocean Village Cruise Ship 1:100 Scale

Full Scale Seahawk naval gun system. Euronaval 2016

Centurion Automated naval decoy launcher. This was an early prototype built to test the concept 1:10 Scale

Astute Class SSN Nuclear-powered Fleet Submarine 1:75 Scale

Siemens Gas Turbine Core 2:1 Scale

Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank. 1:10 Scale

Engineering Models and Modelmaking

Engineering modelmakers to a number of European and International clientele, Lawsons were founded in 1982 and provide high quality services to the defence and engineering industries as well as exhibition models and prototypes. Our modelmakers support clients such as Boeing, Rolls Royce, BAE Systems and Orbital ATK on order to bring their ideas to life by use of accurate scale models and prototypes which are then displayed worldwide.

With a wealth of experience and technical expertise in all aspects of scale display models, training aids and equipment they are the perfect choice for your project. Models offer an unparalleled advantage for use as marketing aids, customer training, prototype evaluation and high quality presentation items.

Lawsons can turn your ideas and concepts into accurate three dimensional scale models utilising the very latest in 3D CAD software and a variety of CNC and rapid prototyping machinery. We can help to realise your ideas in a timely and economical fashion.

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