Type 26 Global Combat Ship


Lawson's have worked with the Type 26 team from it's earliest inception. In that time we have made several different variants as the design has matured and evolved. Not only have we made versions for the Royal Navy, but also for the Canadian Navy's Single Class Surface Combatant Project and the Royal Australian Navy's Future Frigate Program.


Part of the challenge lay with the fact that the three main variants - Royal Navy, Canadian Navy and Royal Australian Navy had significant differences. This meant we had to take a modular route to easily model whichever variant was required.

In addition to the different ship variants, each had their own embarked helicopter, a modelling challenge in itself.


The 1:75 scale models have been a great success having been viewed by audiences all over the world, most recently at the "cutting of steel" event in Scotstoun where the first plates were cut for the first of class - HMS Glasgow.