What would be the cost of a model?
This is the most frequently asked question. The simple answer is that we have no idea until we know what you require the model for, what size and scale, and what information we can have to base our quotation upon. Many of our customers are multinational “blue chip” companies where cost is a consideration, but is not as important as the quality and accuracy of the completed model. We can construct a very economical model costing a few pounds to one costing several thousand pounds. We are all too aware that everyone has budgets and limitations, and we will always try to work within whatever budget you might have. Our modelmakers can and will tailor your model to suit your budget. We can usually give you some idea of likely costs once we have had a chance to discuss your requirements.
What scale should the model be?
Most clients will have a rough idea how big they want their model to be, so it’s normally quite simple to work out a suitable scale. As many of the models we construct are for exhibition and display, it makes sense to have the model as large as possible, whereas, for corporate gifts, models are usually quite small so that they can fit onto a desk or within a display cabinet. Our modelmakers have many years of experience in this, so would be happy to advise you when you contact us.
What materials are your models constructed from?
We use whatever materials are most suited to the model, but in the main, we make much use of composite materials such as high performance Pu resins, carbon fibre, plastics, advanced machining materials and non-ferrous metals where required. In the past, modelmakers would have used traditional materials such as wood, but we have found this to be unsuitable for modern modelmaking techniques. All of our models are built with strength and durability at the forefront, which is why modern composites are most suited to our production methods.
How long would a model take to manufacture?
In a similar vein to Cost, this is a difficult question to answer at the outset, but as many of our clients have urgent deadlines, we are used to working within a tight timeframe and can usually accommodate even the most urgent of projects. As with cost, we would try to advise an appropriate timescale in our initial contact.
Can I make changes once the model is underway?
Of course. As our modelmakers are by nature flexible, we can accommodate changes right up to the point of delivery and afterwards. However, depending upon the scale of the changes, there may be not only a cost penalty but also a timescale penalty. As an example, we recently completed a warship model, but at the last minute, the client needed to change the type of helicopter on the helideck. As the model had already been shipped to an overseas exhibition, we made a new helicopter and sent it out with the client for fitting to the model before the exhibition started.
How will the model be displayed?
We usually include a composite display plinth with all of our models. In addition, the client can specify an acrylic ( Perspex © ) case, detachable legs, or even a custom display cabinet. We would normally suggest a graphical descriptive plate as well.
How do I check progress?
Either in person by appointment, or through the “Restricted Area” of our website where we post regular updates showing modelmaking progress. If there is a particular problem area, we can send digital images for discussion. Our clients have found the “Restricted Area” to be a very useful addition to their projects and have used this area to discuss options within their own design departments.
Can I inspect the model before it is delivered?
Yes, this can either be in person or by using the “Restricted Area” where we would normally post a “project complete” update prior to delivery. Digital imagery can be quickly produced of specific areas of modelmaking that might be unclear.
How will the model be packed and delivered?
We recommend that all of our models be packed in a purpose built flight/storage case. Whilst we recognise that these cases are not cheap, neither is the model that is packed within it. Significant damage can occur to models in transit, but we have found that a properly constructed flight case can save vulnerable models time after time. Models can either be collected in person following final inspection, delivered by Lawson Modelmakers at a small cost, or shipped using reputable couriers with full insurance.
My model was broken in transit, can it be repaired?
Yes. There is no part of our models that cannot be repaired. Depending upon the amount of damage, this can usually be effected within a few days at most. We are also happy to provide technical damage reports to aid with insurance claims. Sadly, with modern handling methods, some damage does occur which is why we strongly recommend that our models be packaged in purpose built flight cases.
My company is not local, is that a problem?
This is not a problem. Our modelmakers have constructed models for companies and individuals all over the world. With modern technology, it is very easy to exchange information and to keep you informed about progress. There is a dedicated section on our website for clients to upload drawing files and other information as well as a secure “Restricted Area” where we post regular updates and images of the modelmaking in progress. When you become a customer, you will be given a unique username and password so that only you and people you select can gain access to this area.
What information do you need to quote for a model?
Ideally, a complete portfolio of drawings and images. However, we understand that in the real world, this is not always possible so we will work with whatever information you can obtain. This can be anything from a sketch on a napkin, to a full 3D CAD model. It should be remembered that any model will only be as good as the information supplied.
Can I use different formats for information?
Yes. We can take information in many different formats such as 3D and 2D CAD, graphical interpretations and many other formats such as PDF and Jpeg. We would be happy to advise the best medium once we know what your requirement is, and can work with you to ensure the exchange of information is as simple as possible.
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