• Mechanical Engineering

    Models are used a great deal in the Mechanical Engineering field. Many items of engineering equipment are simply too large to be easily transported. Models make the perfect solution to exhibit any type of mechanical engineering product.

  • Aerospace

    Aerospace Modelmaking forms part of our Defence portfolio. Lawson’s have worked for the defence industries both in UK and overseas for over 25 years gaining a wealth of experience and expertise in this area of Modelmaking.

  • Naval Forces

    Naval Forces Modelmaking includes surface and sub-surface models. From aircraft carriers to nuclear submarines, fast patrol boats to rigid inflatable’s. Lawson’s have made models of all of these and many different vessels in between.

  • Land Forces

    Land Forces forms the second arm of our Defence models portfolio. Modelmaking in this sector encompasses all types of Modelmaking from armoured vehicles to small arms and even models of military bases.

  • Weapons

    We are often asked to manufacture full scale weapon systems. Using models instead of actual weaponery can save a considerable amount in licencing, security and component costs

  • Bugatti 100p

    In 2010, Company managing director; John Lawson volunteered his expertise to a project in Oklahoma attempting to build a full scale, flying reproduction of Bugatti’s only aeroplane, the 100p which sadly never flew.

    The original 100P was built in the late 1930s but never flown, it was hidden and left to rot in a barn near Paris, another victim of a terrible war. Few know the plane exists; fewer still have seen it. Seventy-five years later the original 100P sits tucked away in an American museum, too fragile to be moved.

    With no gearbox to copy and no plans or drawings, Company managing director; John Lawson was asked if he thought he could “reverse engineer” what is possibly “the most complex component in the aircraft” – the nose mounted gearbox. This component takes the power from the twin engines and distributes the drive to twin contra-rotating propellers.

    After five years of design, build and testing, the Lawson gearbox has now flown in the aircraft and has made history. This is the only time the Bugatti 100p design has ever flown and Lawson Modelmakers played an instrumental part in the project.

  • Training & Educational

    Models are often used in a training environment. It is often easier to demonstrate a technical point using a model in the classroom. Sectioned models can also be produced to illustrate internal components and the innermost workings of complex equipment.

  • Unusual Models

    Over the years Lawson Modelmakers have produced some very unusual models, from half sized sailing ships to larger than life ammunition and full sized ships gun systems. In essence, no model is too strange or unusual for our model makers.

  • Advertisement

    When full sized hardware is unavailable or doesn’t exist, Lawson Modelmakers can produce accurate scale models that can be photographed in a suitable setting and ultimately used in advertising. By adopting this approach, advertising literature can be distributed many months before actual equipment is manufactured.

  • Exhibition

    A great many of our models are used at exhibitions the world over. In many instances it can be significantly more economical and make sound logistic sense to use models where it is difficult to use full sized equipment. In certain instances, actual hardware may not exist, and this is where models play their part.